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Baby-first-month-celebration, according to chinese custom, celebrations of a baby’s birth don’t take place until the occasion of his or her first month. this tradition dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when infant mortality rates were high. if a baby made it to his or first month safely, that boded well for survival.. Here are 7 steps to guide you through you baby full month party planning just like a pro: #1: set a date and time for the full month party. most families usually pick a weekend to accommodate schedules. the ideal date would be on the actual day—or before—as traditional asian families don’t believe in celebrating after the actual date., chinese parents will hold a ceremony满月酒 (mǎnyuè jiǔ) to celebrate their babies’ first full month of life according to chinese custom..

In chinese culture, there's a special celebration when a baby turns one month old. the gift-giving details can be a little confusing, even to the chinese, so listen to this lesson for an explanation. while you're at it, learn what gift is given to celebrate a newborn's birth., tip: if you are not sure who to invite from your in-law’s side, you may want to check with your spouse before sending the invites out. 3. venue. if you are looking at a small and cosy affair, home is a good place to start (if you don’t mind to clean and wash up later on). other venues you may want to consider are: public function rooms (safra, ntuc clubhouses), restaurants and cafes..

Top 16 baby’s full month cakes and packages baby’s first month, also commonly known as baby’s shower is a joyous event to celebrate the baby’s full term. even in modern times, what we cannot do without are the traditional customs of giving cakes, eggs and ang ku kuehs to give to our relatives and friends., chinese baby first / full month celebration may 9, 2014 by eileen 21 comments in many countries like the usa, they celebrate baby shower before the baby is born..

This video is unavailable. watch queue queue. watch queue queue, according to chinese custom, a one-month-old baby is celebrated with a special ceremony called mun yuet or moon yuet. relatives and friends gather to give their blessings and gifts to the new baby, and auspicious foods are sent to everyone. - babycenter.

Related: nonya baby full month recipes personalise your message. to write the best baby full month message, your greeting should come straight from your heart. as we all know, the best notes are not the ones that are typed out fancifully or printed most neatly, but rather, those that convey your heartfelt wishes and sincere congratulations.